Flair philosophy


Almost all Flair hotels are family run operations. 
The owners work with heart and joy to offer their guests a holistic sense of wellness every day. Very important for this is the cohesion and collaboration of the whole family.

Whether you are travelling for business, searching for relaxation, actively on holiday or looking for culture, your Flair hosts would like to offer you a place to feel at home, to relax and to unwind.

Every Flair hotel has it's own personal note, it's own special flair.
Be it it's positioning in beautiful nature, it's special archtiecture, the regional cuisine, through enticing gourmet and event offers, or just simply through the unmistakable charm and character of the region and it's inhabitants.

Our goal is to find and support these peculiarities in each and every hotel, but to simultaneously live in the community so that you can experience houses with different individual touches which still maintain an equally high standard.

All hosts of the Flair Cooperation are looking forward to you!

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